Holiday Book List 2017

Looking for a great gift? Books are the perfect way to touch someone’s life, especially if you know their interests and desire to inspire them, especially in the sense of something that lasts longer than a box of chocolates or even clothes might last in someone’s closet. Here is our 2017 holiday list, perfect for everyone you know!


Early Church History: New Testament Times To 700 A.D.

By: Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D.

The history of Christianity is an exciting study into the way Christians have worked to change the world as they have sought and understood God throughout the ages. Sometimes complicated, sometimes daunting, and sometimes profound and simple, no one can question the relevance and impact Christianity has had on the world at large. Originally written to teach early church history at the college level, in Early Church History: New Testament Times Through 700 A.D., Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D. traces the history of key issues present in the early church through the writings of early church believers and leaders themselves. Using these essential documents, Dr. Marino takes the student through nearly seven hundred years’ worth of historical events – from the early church, through the Early Church Fathers, the Ecumenical Councils, the martyrs, and yes, even the relevance for believers today. This complete volume includes the necessary readings for each week, outlines of history in each chapter, explaining and expounding upon the current themes and issues of the topic at hand, a historical timeline, homework assignments and final exam, complete for a twelve-week semester.


The Promises of God Spiritual Checkbook

By: Abigail Lawrence

DO you believe God’s promises apply to you? Believe it or not, there are many individuals who have never heard about the wonderful promises God has in store, just for them. By comparing our spiritual blessings to a checkbook, we are able to gain a practical, visual way in which the promises of God are applicable to our everyday lives. Come along with Abigail Lawrence and explore this realm of spiritual blessings, benefits, and all things life-changing in God as she expounds upon the many benefits that being a Christian believer has to offer you, right where you are, in your life.


Put A Stamp On It!: Seventy-Seven Sparkling Stories Showcasing How Stamps Have Intercepted Historical Events

By: Herman “Pat” Herst, Jr.

WHAT do the Charley Ross kidnapping, the Dunning sale, Britain’s female mason, Sherlock Holmes and the Littlewood’s pool, the founding of the YMCA, George Sloane, and the Madeline Smith Postcard all have in common? Stamps were an important part of these historical events. Even though we don’t often think of stamps in the context of making history, those small, decorative aspects of the mail system are far more than just there to decorate the envelope. At the heart of every letter, every postal moment for hundreds of years, stamps can be found, changing history as we know it. In this book, author and stamp historian Herman Herst, Jr. shares with us about the rich history of several historical events and the way that stamps influenced them. Told with good humor, perspective, and solid documentation, Herman Herst, Jr. offers us insight into the smallest details of the mail industry – stamps – and shows us that history is often staring back at us every time we mail or open a letter. Come along to share in seventy-seven stories where history proves that stamps are the stars, sealing history in ways we would least expect it.


Compassionate Care: Healing For The Soul With HIV

By: Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D.

AT the current rate of HIV infection, statistics suggest one out of every two people will be infected with HIV by 2025. With such a staggering realization, the world has responded with education, information, and disease prevention. Despite expanded care and treatment for HIV and AIDS patients, most note a lack of spiritual response toward HIV and AIDS education and treatment. Patients are too often treated as a disease, rather than as people in need of healing, love, and compassion. With a lack of spiritual response, the question remains…what is the appropriate spiritual response to HIV?

In this book, Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D. takes the reader on an educational and compassionate journey toward a complete understanding of HIV/AIDS patient care. Purposed to awaken Christian response to HIV as the media focuses attention on other diseases, problems, and ailments, this book educates Christian believers, ministers, and leaders about the essentials of healing response to HIV. Designed to make medical, educational, and spiritual responses to HIV practical and understandable, Dr. Marino gives a unique, powerful, and anointed perspective to this very sensitive and overlooked issue of our times. In this revised and updated edition, Dr. Marino lays out the challenge, information, and empowerment to overcome bias, superstition, judgment, and bigotries to stand as agents of God’s healing touch to a sick and dying world. As the reader focuses on Jesus’ call in Matthew 25 as a witness to Christ, HIV becomes an opportunity to minister life and health instead of judgment and fear.


SOARING: Messages of Encouragement and Hope

By: Anthony Sluzas

Making excuses? Facing temptation? Backslidden? Rejected? Resentful? Disobedient? If any of these sound like things you are dealing with, then this book is perfect for you, right where you are in your life. Did you know, you can soar like an eagle, or you can hang out with buzzards? It might have never been addressed in quite the same way, but we often hang out with the buzzards, who bring us down and look for any way to pick at things, because we never knew we could soar. You, yes you – as hard of a time as you might be having – can soar like an eagle, but you have to get your thinking off the ground and into the air!

In this book, Anthony Sluzas provides stories with lessons, messages with encouragement, and a general sense of hope and inspiration to anyone who might need that push to soar in their own lives. Come along with good humor, warmth, and ultimately, hope and encouragement to become all God has for you to be, if you are just willing to take the leap…and soar!


All I Know About Ministry…I Learned In Junior High

By: Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D.

JUNIOR high was a time of dread and wonder, all at the same time. As a transitional period, it was full of ups and downs, homework and fun, firsts, new adventures, and above all, change. Most of us look back on junior high with avoidance…but what does this transitional time in everyone’s life offer us in terms of life lessons? When we are in transitional times, how can looking back help us to move forward toward the future?

In All I Know About Ministry…I Learned In Junior High, Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino recounts forty experiences, stories, and encounters that proved to be powerful life lessons in ministry and beyond. Return in time to the mid-1990s as Dr. Marino recalls the beginnings of junior high, school projects, serving on the altar, first dances, first boyfriends, and many other “firsts” we all experienced during this time frame, recalling how things were perceived, with parallels to the challenges, changes, and issues that she and so many others face in ministry, even today.


Real Talk: Becoming A Woman In Ministry

By: Yolanda Y. Davis

Yolanda Y. Davis came from humble beginnings, dividing time between the rural Texas countryside and the urban streets of Houston. Dividing time between school, family events, church, and yes, even boys, she had no idea the twists and turns life would take. Between molestation, unplanned pregnancies, an unhappy and tumultuous marriage, and more, what decisions would she make…and what would God have in store for her? Where would she wind up?In this honest, real, and relatable first-person narrative, Apostle Yolanda Y. Davis relates her own unique journey to accept the call of God on her life, despite her many obstacles, questions, and frustrations with the church. The pages of this book contain the honesty of testimony and the ability to relate with the struggles a woman encounters as she navigates the storms of life…all the way to ministry, and beyond.


Your Personal Road Map To Self-Fulfillment: A Book For All Families As Life Lessons From A Teacher, Coach, And Parent

By: Harvey Heartley, Sr.

DID you know everyone has a philosophy? You might not realize it, but you do. The philosophy you have can either help or hinder you on your personal life journey to self-fulfillment. We all have the same number of hours in a day and a week, and in our lives, we should all focus on the ways we can make our lives be the absolute best they can be.

In this book, Harvey D. Heartley, Sr. shares his approach to life and years of life wisdom as a coach, a teacher, and a a parent. Coach Heartley (as he was known) presents his personal answer to your own “Personal Behavior Map To Self-Fulfillment,” breaking it down into 12 areas he calls “The Real Daily Dozen:” Attitude, Relationships, Imagination, Socializing, Education, Mentality, Physical Fitness, Finances, Professionalism, Politics, Sexuality and Spirituality. Having written this book for all people, all families, all races and all cultures, Coach Heartley provides insight into life that will help you jump start your own destiny of self-fulfillment.


The Wedding Workbook: Your Four-Month Guide To The Wedding Of Your Dreams

By: Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D.

WEDDINGS often fill people with joy and excitement. A new life journey is about to start as two people come together as one…or something like that. People spend months thinking about the wedding and spending time focusing on it, only to have it come and pass in a day’s time. The day after the wedding, what happens next? What happens as the marriage passes through many different phases (some happy and some not so happy)? If divorce rates are any indication, people who get married aren’t prepared for the ins and outs of married life because they are too busy preparing for a wedding rather than a marriage.

In this book, Dr. Marino takes the participants through an intensive four-month preparation period designed to help a couple learn about themselves, their partners, and the ins and outs of marriage. Designed for use as part of pre-marital counseling along with the accompanying text, Discovering Intimacy: A Journey Through The Song of Solomon, The Wedding Workbook makes sure that neither bride nor groom has any reason to blush, nor stand in shame, at any point in life – including their wedding day.


Escaping The Debt Pit: A Pocket Book About Debt And The Believer

By: Anthony Sluzas

MONEY is a sensitive topic that most avoid in casual conversation and public teaching. As a result, more and more Americans succumb to the ravages of debt and the results of it in their lives. Whether it’s root is a desire to “keep up with the Joneses” or just an inability to handle income paycheck-to-paycheck, debt becomes an all-too-common way of life that destroys families, relationships, and ultimately, the spiritual aspect of one’s being.

In this little “pocket book,” Anthony Sluzas gives practical, easy-to-understand advice about handling money, excelling financially, and escaping the pit of debt that can seem impossible to overcome. Trusting that the ultimate answers to debt lie in God’s Word, the Bible, Anthony gives every reader the opportunity to sort out their financial situations with practical and spiritual insight. This little book is a must-have for anyone who wants to resolve the complications of financial debt in their lives, once and for all.


Fruit of the Vine: Study And Commentary on the Fruit of The Spirit

By: Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D.

Manifesting the fruit of the Spirit is an essential aspect of the believer’s life. Jesus calls us to not only produce fruit, but produce more excellent fruit. How can we do this, and how can we operate in the principles of spiritual fruit? How do we recognize spiritual fruit in our lives?

In Fruit of the Vine: Study and Commentary on the Fruit of the Spirit, Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino invites the reader to learn more about what it means to bear “fruit,” specifically the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control. Presented with detailed word studies, background information, personal and relatable experiences, humor, warmth, and a whole lot of reflection on what it means to be in the vine and live a spiritually fruitful life, this book will change how you view the fruit of the Spirit and developing its important characteristics in your life.


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